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The same applies to retiring directors and officers. • a d&o policy only indemnifies the d&os for alleged wrongful acts that have occurred prior to a

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Retirement is a typical reason for run off insurance which is required by smaller firms or sole traders.

Run off insurance d&o. The capability of a d&o carrier to provide six years of coverage in a single aggregate. A run off pi policy will provide ongoing protection to cover the cost of defending any claim made against those insured under the policy and will reimburse the losses occurring should the claim be upheld against the insured parties. Most d&o insurance protects past and present directors and officers, but the protection only lasts as long as the business takes the insurance out.

Under an occurrence policy, the occurrence of injury or damage is the. Because claims made policies can cover claims that take place years after the event causing the claim has occurred, runoff insurance is necessary to protect you and your company after you are no longer insured. You may also find that similar concepts apply to a broad range of financial.

Run off d&o insurance is an important consideration when there is a change of control in a company. Careful inspection is required when selecting d&o insurance to make sure there are no unpleasant surprises in the event of a run off scenario. Insurance coverage is an important, but sometimes overlooked, component of any m&a transaction.

In many cases, a target company’s directors and officers will resign from their roles following an acquisition. The event that must occur before a particular liability policy applies to a given loss. A claims made policy requires that a current policy be in place if any claim is to be accepted by an insurer.

Many deal lawyers have a working knowledge of directors and officers insurance and how to protect businesses and decision makers in the event of a claim, but oftentimes insurance issues take a back seat to other aspects of transactions. For example, the insurer may allocate a factor (ex. Increased pricing dominates the headlines but the more subtle threat is the potential for narrowing policy.

Runoff insurance is a provision that can be written into an existing claims made insurance policy. As in re glasshouse technologies, inc and other cases show. In the event that either (i) the d&o insurance policy is renewed but the renewed policy does not provide for prior act ’s coverage, (ii) the company obtains a new d&o insurance policy for period following the termination of the prior policy, and such new policy does not provide for.

With the uk m&a market remaining robust and the financial lines insurance market hardening, it has never been more important to understand the impact on directors & officers' (d&o) liability policy coverage. Ultimately, the essence of what drives the desire for run off is the same dynamic that drives the purchase in the first place, and that’s the protection of the individual and his/her assets. Read our article outlining the some key considerations.

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